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I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for an unforgettable experience!!! Esther and I were on your boat on April 5th. Since we were the only ones signed up on Sunday, April 6th, we came on Saturday. I am the one who had had 4 bypasses on my heart four years ago and now I ride my bike 20-25 miles a day.

I wanted to thank you for the great experience of snorkeling and doing Snuba at the Molokini Crater. The fish and surrounding coral were beautiful. We also enjoyed seeing the sea turtles! My wife bought earrings in the shape of turtles and a coffee mug with turtles on it to remember our wonderful trip.

You were a very helpful and gracious host!!! You even had Glenn check on me while I was snorkeling to make sure I was OK! That was very thoughtful of you!

I just wanted you to know that of all the things we did on Maui, your trip was the BEST!!! My wife and I enjoyed it so much that we bought a complete set of snorkeling gear for each of us. We are planning on going to Destin, FL this week to have some fun. We plan on going to Rainbow Springs near Ocala, FL in June and to Panama City very soon.

I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your business as you help others enjoy God's creation on Maui. I hope our paths cross again someday. Thank you again for making sure that Esther and I were safe and had a wonderful day!!!

Sincerely in Christ,

Patrick Pfrimmer
Crestview, FL

Hi Guys-

Thanks for the memories...... We loved the trip and the care and attention given to us by you and your crew. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! We thought you might like this shot

Michael, Twila, Derek,
Jered, & Hillary

I had to write and tell you that our family had a wonderful time on Aqua Adventures! What really made this trip so great is that all the crew members truly had aloha spirit! My husband and I, my sister and her kids and my 70 year old mom had a memorable trip! Loved the snuba (1st timer!). I really loved the humor and how hospitable everyone was the entire time we were on the boat!

When my husband and I return to Maui, we definitely will go back on your boat again! Thanks again for everything! Just saw our DVD that Lynette sent, and it brought back some fun memories!

Carolyn Clinton

I was on Maui last week and had the pleasure of taking your snuba/snorkel trip to turtletown and Molokini. It was one of the greatest experiences Ive ever had and I just wanted to thank you and your crew one more time.

Steve Simmons

Hola, Aqua Adventure!
Just wanted to let you know that our experience last week snuba and snorkeling was terrific. Mary regained her confidence in snorkeling in large part thanks to Dan and proceeded to out dive me for the rest of the snorkel week. I cant stop telling everybody about the snuba experience, of course in New Mexico there isnt a lot of water so everyone is attentive to my tales.

Thanks again for a memorable day,
Gene & Mary Mortimer

Just wanted to let you know that, of all the activities we did while vacationing in Maui, our day on the Aqua Adventure was the absolute best. We took other snorkeling trips, but they pale by comparison. The captain and crew were first rate, the food and beverages delicious, and best of all the snorkeling and snuba were the stuff of memories once we returned to the mainland. Well be back, thats for sure.

Thanks for making it such a great adventure!
Beri and Paul Geraci


I wanted to send you all a little note of appreciation before the reality of life set back in....

On behalf of my entire family, The Trebers, I would like to say MAHALO for the incredible day you and your crew provided for us! It was the general consensus that the time we spent on the Aqua Adventure was one of the highlights of our 8 day family vacation. That says alot since there were 19 of us.

Your crew was phenomenal and very personable to everyone. From you sense of humor, to the hospitality and the patience you displayed to those of us who were nervous, to the food, fun and drinks, everything was perfect! You just do not find that very often and it definitely added to the enjoyment of our day at Turtle town & Molikini crater.

The crew made sure to point out sea life that we would not have been able to notice on our own, let alone know what it was! There were some of us who snorkeled and some did the snuba, but with each adventure your crew was right there to enhance the fun of the day. Each step of the way, you all made sure that safety and fun were your top priority and it showed.

I know I can speak for everyone in the family, which I tend to do..., when I say that we will not hesitate to recommend Aqua Adventure to all of our friends and acquaintances that will be visiting Maui. If we ever make it back, you will definitely be on our list of things to do. You guys are truly the best around!

Cathi Pennetta

Dear Crew,

We want to thank you for the wonderful time we had on your boat. My daughter, Taylor and husband, Mike, did the snuba thing and had a great time. My son Cody and I snorkeled and he was so excited as a turtle came up right next to him and he said "this is awesome Mom!"

We have been on other snorkeling trips and you guys win hands down! I already contacted our travel agent and told him to recommend you to everyone who goes to Maui. I will also tell friends, or whoever, to definitely go with you guys.

Everyone on your boat was wonderful, and again, thanks for the memories and keep up the great work!

Mahoo, The Martin Family

Dear Mike,

Cristi and I both had a wonderful time on the Aqua Adventure. You and your staff (especially Darryl and Todd) were wonderfully friendly, humorous, professional, attentive, helpful and supportive -- a perfect combination! I felt like Todd paid special attention to me under water and I was thankful for his reassuring presence.

My photographs are not very professional, but attached is a shot of Todd as he watched over me under water. Thanks again for a wonderful snuba cruise! Were recommending you to everyone we can. We were so very pleased with our experience with you and your crew both above and below water. When and if we return to Maui, we intend to book another Aqua Adventure snuba trip!

Bev Harris & Cristi Cave

Dear Captain Dan,

I just wanted to write and let you know how much we enjoyed our snorkeling trip to Molokini on December 20. As you may recall, I wrote to you expressing the concern that I might not be able to enjoy the snorkeling due to my non swimming status. You were kind enough to e-mail me, and then spoke to my husband on the phone. Well, the cool thing is that I was ALWAYS the last person to get back on the boat !! And that to me is just the most amazing thing EVER !! Yes, I had my noodle securely under my arms, but I was out there having a great time !! I stayed out longer than all 4 of the "swimming kids" with us ! But it was a huge deal for me, I normally would have stayed on the boat and watched, so this was a huge thrill for me and gave me a big dose of self-confidence. All of us really enjoyed the turtle arches and Molokini. Your staff was wonderful, and I cant wait to get the video, even though I dont think there is much of us, or I was too busy looking around to notice. The lunch was great as well. Basically just a really good time. I really appreciate the personal attention you showed to us.

Thank-you all again for getting a non swimmer into the water !!

Suzi and Rod Simon and family

Dear Aqua Adventure Crew,
We cant say "thank you" enough for our fabulous snorkel/snuba adventure with you. Everyone was so helpful, cheerful, friendly, and accomodating. Thank you for only taking out small groups . . . it really creates a personal environment that ensures all our needs are met. We loved that your staff accompanied us in the water, whether we were doing snuba or snorkel. It gave us an opportunity to notice things we would have otherwise missed. Plus, it added a comfort level to the inexperienced snorkelers. We cant wait to see the video - we want to see what our kids saw when they tried snuba. We told the concierge at our hotel, and any guests that we talked with, that Aqua Adventures is the ONLYsnorkel/snuba charter to book.

Mark, Sue, David & Lauren
Minneapolis, MN

In December we were fortunate to have booked a trip with you. On the way to Turtle Town we were able to view several whales. As we slowly approached Turtle Town, spinner dolphins played with the boat by swimming directly in front regardless of where the boat went. Just amazing. Then you carefully guided me with Snuba which allowed me to see more up close. While snorkeling at Molokini we viewed the breathtaking blue drop off and many beautiful fish. You provided good, safe instruction, and provided entertainment with every conversation,

Thanks for a great trip. Best thing I did on Maui.

West Bloomfield Michigan

Hi there Captain Dan!

Thanks for making our snorkeling trip to Molokini a memorable one! I really liked the fact that our group was so small so all our questions were answered and you always kept track of where we were so we felt safe. Your knowledgeable staff was so patient with us inexperienced snorkelers. Everyone was just so nice! They offered to help us whenever they could. Well never forget how Bob helped save that lady from the other boat who was stuck on the crater. That taught us all a lesson. Jon and I are still telling our friends how much we enjoyed that day (and the tiger shark we saw on our way back to the harbor!) Were planning to go back to Maui next May and this time were bringing our friends. We definitely plan on going on the Aqua Adventure again!

Myra and Jon (newlyweds =)
Jersey City, NJ


Here are some pics that we shot on April 10th with you guys - we had more fun than we could have possibly guys did a top-notch job and your new boat is awesome...thanks again - well most certainly be back!

I had the pleasure of taking one of your snorkel/snuba trips at the end of May. It was so much fun and just amazing. But I really think what made it such a pleasure was the crew (Mike, Dan and Rob). They were all really wonderful and very knowledgable about all aspects of the trip. Rob was especially attentive and did everything from holding an ice pack on a seasick girls neck to holding my hand to help me get down to where I needed to be for an amazing photo opportunity with one of the giant turtles. I was very apprehensive at first, and was having a hard time negotiating the water, but Rob literally held my hand and coached me through the whole time. He was amazing (I might have had a little crush). He was very positive with everyone and made us all feel like we were born snuba divers! You all have a wonderful business and I thank you so much for such a unique and fantastic experience. ...You guys really are the best!


Anchorage, Alaska

My children and I had a blast on your boat. The size of the boat and the amount of people that fit on it is perfect. The boat is fast and your crew was so kind and helpful. The food was great and the wetsuits warm. Were recommending you to friends who are coming to Maui in December. I only wish the Dolphins had come by turtle town to play!!!!

Thank you. Liz C.
Fairfax CA

Our snorkel trip was awesome. The crew, the fast boat, and the great atmosphere both in and out of the water made my trip a lifetime memory.

Scott Durzo

Dear Aqua Adventure Crew,

We had a fabulous time with you on Maui. Our snorkel/snuba trip is one to be remembered. The pictures are great and well try to get you some copies. We really had an enjoyable day. The girls are still talking snuba and they wont hesistate to tell you it was their favorite thing to do.

Take care and keep up the good work.
Emily P.
Twinsburg, Ohio