Family Owned and Operated. On Aqua Adventure, Your Family Becomes Part of Ours.

Dan and Alexia

Mike, Gay and Dan have been in the snorkeling and diving business around Maui waters for years. Mike and Dan were captains for another vessel. Gay, Mike’s wife, was the first mate. After all these years we decided that we could offer something better. We all had been working on large (149 passenger) snorkel boats and felt that we were losing touch with the personal service and the one-on-one interaction that our passengers needed and deserved. Our answer to this was to downsize and get back to individual attention, instruction and service. This goes against the current trend of larger boats carrying as many passengers as possible. After extensive research, Mike and Dan found a boat builder with exactly Aqua Adventure Charters needs in mind. Basically, we had the boat built using our years of experience and understanding of what our passengers wanted. A 50 foot, high speed, snorkel and snuba diving vessel customized to our respects for detail. Even though we are now the owners, we are still the operators. Captain Dan has only 26 years running boats in Maui, but he still does a great job. We think we’ll keep him! Lynette, Dan’s wife, recently made a change to the video program. She is no longer doing video, but doing still photos instead. Lynette realized that with all of the changes in the internet world, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, our guest really wanted the immediate fix that they could post to all of their friends, that day. Now she produces a flash drive you can take off the boat with you, and plug and play right away. Lynette has also set up a website where you can buy prints, t-shirts, etc.