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Our Boat

The Aqua Adventure

The Aqua Adventure is a 2003 model, twin-engine, high-speed vessel. She is powered by two 350 horse Cummins diesels that push her along at 22 knots. There is an upper sun deck, lower shaded deck as well as a walk-around-cabin that gives you access to the bow.

That bow area comes in real handy for those close encounters with the local residents, the Hawaiian Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins. There is plenty of seating. We are certified to carry 49 passengers but take no more than 40 to ensure more than enough room for everyone.

The swim step area is as user-friendly as it gets, with two stair-like ladders for easy access in and out of the water. There is a fresh water shower to rinse the salt off after you are done playing in the water for the day.

We use 100% biofuel to help cut down on those pesky fumes as well as helping our environment. The bar area is well suited for serving breakfast and lunch as well as that cold beer or Mai-Tai for the ride back home.

Whale With Aqua Adventure