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Where We Go

Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater – A crescent-shaped island formed by a volcanic cinder cone, located off the south Maui coast. This gives us the opportunity to select the best location for your snorkel/snuba adventure!

Of course, that could change if we spend a little time for a close encounter of the whale kind along the way! Whale watching is included on all trips during whale season (December – April). On route to Molokini Crater, you’ll enjoy a delicious continental breakfast of fresh island fruit, pastries, bagels with cream cheese and jelly, coffee and juice. Keep your eyes open for Maui’s acrobatic spinner and bottlenose dolphins along the way.

They love to “bow ride” on the boat’s wake and pressure wave as we cruise along at a brisk 20 knots. Once at Molokini, your instructor will show you how to use your equipment, and go over some essential safety points, then it’s into the water!

Aerial view of Molokini Crater near Maui, Hawaii

Turtle Arches

After Molokini, it’s on to Turtle Arches, located off the Makena Coast. Many of these green sea turtles are used to snorkelers and divers and will approach quite close! However, you are not permitted to touch or “ride” the turtles as they’re one of Hawaii’s protected marine species. After you’re done snorkeling and diving with the turtles, a great deli-style lunch with a wide assortment of sandwich fixins will be waiting on board.